Don’t give a sociopath a cookie


Don’t give a sociopath a cookie. Why not? Well, let’s walk through this courtesy of deep research on my part by googling it and finding a handy readable take on WikiHow.

You think someone you’ve met might be a sociopath. But you’re not sure. What is a sociopath exactly and since you’re not sure why do you think this person is one?

You’ve also just baked a batch of cookies. Everyone loves cookies and you’re a generous person who likes to share. Incidentally this means you’re not a sociopath. But something is holding you back from sharing your cookies with this person.

Could he – or she – be a sociopath?

So, from WikiHow. A sociopath is a person who has anti-social personality disorder. This means they have a number of recognizable traits. They lack shame. They might publicly abuse others and feel no remorse. They accept no blame and in fact blame others.

They will hurt others to achieve their goals. Because of this trait many are highly successful in business or in life. They are seemingly charming because they are focused on getting what they want; in this case your cookies.

Sociopaths lie and can feel uncomfortable telling the truth. If caught in a lie they will lie to get out of it. They lie about their past and go to great lengths to convince you their lies are true. They believe the lies they tell, regardless of how absurd it may sound. Charles Manson said “I never killed anyone.”

Sociopaths can go through an emotional event without displaying emotion. They don’t receive events in the same way as a non sociopath might. This is called disassociation – an utter lack of empathy.

Although charming, sociopaths have a hard time paying attention to you for long periods of time. They are smart, sometimes really really smart. They understand human weakness. They gravitate to people who are sad or insecure or searching for meaning.

Sociopaths like to be in control of every situation. They don’t like to be around strong people. They create drama out of nothing. They can be seen as outwardly calm but capable of snapping at any moment.

Sociopaths have big egos. They have a sense of entitlement. They are narcissists, immature, selfish, needy, avoid responsibility by delegating it to others while taking credit.

They have trouble holding eye contact which creates human connection and leads to empathy.

So, you can probably determined by now if your friend is likely to be a sociopath or not. If so…..

Be as boring as possible.
Remain calm.
Don’t argue with them.
Pretend you have nothing they want.

Don’t give them money.
Don’t give them your time.
Don’t give them a cookie.

Oh, one last thing. Don’t vote for them.


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