The Blue Lab is an incubator for Democratic campaigns.

To date a campaign has been its own organism. It’s born, lives, and dies in a predictive way, based on the election calendar. When a campaign ends, all that is learned is scattered, split amongst the strategists and candidates and workers. We have let this calendar dictate the way campaigns are conducted.

But the fact is that campaigns are a six billion dollar a cycle business. No billion dollar business would allow itself to be run this way. No campaign should either.

The Blue Lab is a permanent campaign. It learns new strategies and adapts new technologies and applies them to campaigns as they are started in the lab. Information learned is retained and becomes the foundation for the next advance.

One tends to get all giddy for new technology, and campaigns are notorious for buying what worked in the last campaign. The Blue Lab looks to the next advancement, and offers it to multiple campaigns.

This blog is an observation from the lab, sometimes about our campaigns, and sometimes about the landscape. It does not represent the thinking of the Blue Lab clients, who are quite capable of doing so for themselves.




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